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Rushing Deadlines

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Rushing Deadlines

Okay I didn't update yesterday. Bad Claire, no chocolate, none not a piece. Okay back in the world of the sane I have recently raised the Cthulu alert to orange today. Sometime, somwhere insanity is highly likely to occur, more details cannot be released because they would totattly diminitise this system and the so called intelligence backing it. Still I do advise you wear a top today for fear of the sky loosing a rivet.

In the rushing peroid up to deadlines I've organised for the freezer to be full, 10 litres of soda and a six pack of energy drinks. I've been swamping through various engines and platforms to devolp this weekend on. In the case of 2d, the current winner is PTK. Sadly build errors and watermark as well as a requirement make what at first like a very attractive package a dwindling pleasure. Still I think I shall stick with it as my 2D choice.

The forerunner for my 3d coice is either my own base code (attempting to avoid jumping through hoops) is g3d and SDL base with extended 3d Functions. It might pack a little too much punch for what I need but its the best one I've fouund so far. I'll dig around a little more maybe. It supports everything from Quake Models to HLSL support.

I've voted for Contruction theme I hope it wins out. In other news I've worked out my budget and in one short phrase. OUCH!