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Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes

Oh well so I had yesterday off as part of the whole early shift mess. I spent a goodly time on the phone to my bank, the clinic, an agency, not to mention sending tons of emails and admin junk to various people. In all of this I never got time to go to the tax office and I chose not to vote. Now normally I come down on people not voting, here is how I currently feel however... Ever watch that Monty python sketch about elections? Well in that the electoral parties are the sensible party, the slightly silly party and the silly party. Oh and in case your wondering the Silly government wins and we link to the Lumberjack song.

Spent a fair amount of time voting for entries for the contest. My feelings regarding the game went like this. OMG I'll never finish, its done, its pretty good, its great, I suck. More than likely the correct answer is mild approval of my completion however I need to focus more and more on fun.

Speaking of which I'm trying to open the book on the Phantom project again. So I'll try and get a major update this week.