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By the power of the Infetismal

By the power of the Infetismal

Ah yes the ability of maths to take the seeminly significant to its knees and raise up Nothing to a status of capilisation. I do enjoy maths despite my occasional lover's feuds with it. Most people really don't realize the depth and context of math. My brain has been whizzing again thanks to a little book called "Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea" by Charles Siefe. A very scary and pretty book.

I repeat one of my little rules. Maths only gets interesting once it undermines the fabric of a belief or doctrine. Maths of the underlying nature of things or emulation perhaps. Logic and Maths are the only things we can actual hold true. Isn't t strange that the abstract is the only truth.

I'm always amused at the collective delusions we as a species concede to. For instance we will all agree that red means stop. No where in the definition or basic fabric of red is danger. For some reason most creatures, all humans, have higher brain activity when seeing red than any other colour. Is this merely an evolutionary choice of plants and animals to use red as a warning or is there some basic rule by the wavelength band we define as red? Which Ironically is in two locations on the high and low of our visual spectrum.

Truely I enjoy living.