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Free from the Flow

Free from the Flow

I haven't touch a line of code. My brain feels light and fresh. Like I've had a weight lifted off my shoulders. Don't get me wrong I love and enjoy coding but sometimes you need a break. Currently I wake up, rush to work, rush back home. Spend 3 Hours coding (normally) then an hour on myself for dinner and stuff then to bed.

I am looking forward to this holiday as a break but I do need to pump outs some serious coding before I go. So when I come back I can send out a fresh batch of job applications. Because I have been taking a step back from Job interviews for a while just to rally as it were.

Otherwise, really enjoying THPS: American Wasteland, fun game I can play for ten minutes then put down. Seeing as I never have all that much free time.

I'm going to be putting in for a normal 5 day week with my vouchers and use it to crunch a 48hr Game Dev Session. I seem to work well in the environment cause I can use the week running up to collect my thoughts. Then I can focus and grind with a definite deadline. Its nice and enforces simplicity.

Oh well back to the grind