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Scream shout and Cry

Scream shout and Cry

Bleh pick me up off the floor and use my body as a mop with a spinal cord, my nerves are blown away feeling all from here to nowhere. I've been bitchy, emotional, and sick as a Cuban slave worker on a coke farm with unpaid vacation. The truth is my system is crashing and I'm holding it together with desperation and the light at the end of the tunnel.

Got EXTREMELY emotional and moody and Friday, real bad, especially when you work with people all day. Cant kick the customer so you kick those near you. I got back Friday and spent most of that night, Saturday sick. Didn't go into work on Saturday. My mum caught it to which is good because it means its a bug and not an adverse reaction. I got it worse but that's most likely caused because my internal organs are going for runner up in the Swamp Dragon medical journal.

One good thing that came from this weekend, caffeine. I had to quit caffeine because of medication I was on, I've changed medication and I've been allowed caffeine for a while now. I just haven't had much cause I lost the habit. Oh well I was dosed up on the stuff this weekend. Thankfully this meant I got some actual coding done, the first in two weeks. Sadly it always made me as agreeable as a badger with a thorn in its nose.

Oh well I'm going to plod off to work now. I still feel like crap on a stick but I figure if I show up and push through I will either spread the bug or get better. Either is agreeable with me.

Bitch one to Bitch two, over and out.