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Evil suction of DOOOM!

Evil suction of DOOOM!

Okay mention all the important stuff. First off the evil daemon of WOW addiction has taken me again and plunged my mind into a purple haze of pretty swirling pictures and numbers. I know I know, but I enjoy it and god damn it its better than crack. Lately I've been itching for some pills or a joint. It happens every few months, I suppose it will for the rest of my life. I just kick my mind and hope temptation doesn't show up while I'm tempted.

Job interviews yesterday, all internal promotions. However I would really like the Trainer, or Coach position. I dont know if I will get it but hey its a chance. They will announce them Today or monday. So go broke that actors other limbs if you have any spare from yesterday and sacrifice those young carnal troopers, and get some cookies off them while your at it. Yummmy cooookies.

SHOPPING! I went and blew £200 on the end of summer sales and a drawing tablet. I need to learn some self control. The reason I avoid shops is not that I dont like shopping but the exact oppisite reason. Now I'm all big and have plastic.... save me please.

Thats about it really I cant think of any pressing matters other than that. So keep well and dont pollute the thought space, read a book.