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Lackluster Posting

Lackluster Posting

Sorry about the lack luster posting I've been doing recently. While on Holiday I have a valid excuse but since getting back I don't.

So anyway the last few days. Since my last post I had an attack of bronchitous again. I'm sure the happy sticks and cocktails I had on my last day of holiday did not help. Oh well thats it the last few days I've been having racking coughs, dizzy spells and all the other lovely things that come with the tail end of being sick. Espically when the nice doctor in South Africa perscribes the wrong bloody medication. Even after me telling him several times in detail, while showing the boxes, of the various medication I am on at the moment. Stupid Dutchmen.

So they have moved the project all back into one room. The project has seen in its wonderful wisdom fit to cut me off from all communcation. The only person nereby to speak to is Syeed and I dont think he is going to win any awards for conversation and the application of insanity to a work enviroment.

Oh well back to the grind, see you later.

Oh an update life sucks. I make an effort to come into work even though I'm sick. I now have a disciplinary hearing tomorrow. Just WONDERFUL! Oh and to put the cherry on the top my other meds have decided its now time to throw me out a window.