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Scales of Time

Scales of Time

Okay so I had a great relaxing weekend. I was alone in the flat and I spent my time watching Smallville, painting mintures and playing World of Warcraft. So basically I chilled and didn't do anything to further my career, intelligence, studies, spirtual goodness or any other positive karma. On the plus side however I chomp'd a decent pizza and got some time to take care of myself with long baths and relaxing oils. What can I say a geek girl weekend.

In other late breaking news, I HATE FAT PEOPLE! Anyone who knows me knows this but I had to sit next to a blubberous leech of society on the bus today. Do me a favour you over bloated digusting speciman of a human being. Just take a deep breath focus on those clotted and batterd veins of yours, stand up, and DIE!

Otherwise I'm having a great day, cheers ;)