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Breakneck Weekend

Breakneck Weekend


I get really caught up in coding away the adventure engine. I get hold of my cousin to have a chat. We arrange to have a long chat and watch the "History Boys". Late night, or rather early morning I call it a night.


I wake up in a panic after realising I missed Math on Tuesday. Moved really fast and BAM! Ran into the door. Not only my hair and clothes are mushed up but I have a red mark on my forehead. Arrive only a few minutes late. Vectors... bah high school stuff.

We then run into game design and magically the entire squad is there. Dan, Emma, Hamster, Scott, and of course myself. So of course we end up in the Pub. Now I will not go into the side stories that lead into this. Needless to say Emma and I were wanting to do something. So we dragged the guys into a game of Pool. You will notice at this point me and my cousin havn't met up.

A long plot and story ends up in my flat. Playing games, watching movies, and generally getting into fun mood. Now ANYONE who has been in a mixed friend circels and relationships with long term colleges well yeah.

Needless to say without going into details things were mounting to disaster thankfully clear heads prevailed bar some minor things. However as anyone who has been in this position knows these problems are likely to reoccur, I am kinda glad it came up soon so things could be sorted out.


Wake up, clean the flat. Feel completly wiped. Arrange to meet a friend in town at one of the few places I love to relax, the Laing Art Gallery. Finally we end up drinking at the Baron and Baroness, a very nice place. A night out on the Toon is decided.

I ended up with Emma and three of her friends at a place for cheap drinks, which wasn't to my taste.

We then went into Lengends. Now this is meant to be the rock club. Let me just say it is just dissapointing. Two dance floors, one of which I wouldn't really grace with the name. Neither of which have the proper flooring. Everywhere we went was very bright. The DJ need to be shot as they CONSTANTLY drop the ball when switching tracks and feel the need to annouce things. WE WANT MUSIC! Also the sets were always chosen by going popular song to popular song no sense of beat or rythm.

Ultimatly I danced lots, got drunk and ended up in a friends flat with a black spot in my memory. I despise the North East sense of partying. I need a scene, a good song, and sexy people. This blatant sense of alcholism and slutish fucking that grabs them by the throat and seems to motivate them. It needs to be stated at this point they are wimps and have no sense of sensuality. They aren't willing to spend anything more than they have to. Classy bars and cocktail places are underappreciated. Ultimatly it comes down to one thing. Newcastle is born from a certain lower/middle class populace that have the biggest chip on their shoulder and no sense of self betterment or achievement. This is a general statement: A truth which will hold in most cases but their are exceptions, otherwise I wouldn't have friends.

Sunday, Today

I wake in their Flat. A strange thing. I crawl back home. Several hours of Family Guy later. I feel human, and I start doing somthing useful. Keep your eyes peeled at this space.