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My Eaaaars

My Eaaaars

Emma and Hamster came over yesterday after lectures to record. Oh my word was I freaking out. First the long wait to get the mics and mixers and million other things. Then the last minute rush for adapter jacks ect... Now and only now do I find out first our recording tech is inferior and we really needed to slow down. Oh well no chance to re-record the raw. So thanks to many many ours of editing along with some amazing open source tools like Levalator. The audio is acceptable levels. Not where I would like it but good enough for now.

Sadly I have to invest in a new mixer because this 9V module just doesn't have enough gain. Oh well there is that rule again, skimping is just wasting time and money. Oh well I just need to do the audio links and it all should be ready in time.

My ears hurt much though... adjusting all these audio levels for ours on headphones (best way) means a lot of pressure on my ears. Sigh.