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A list

A list

Okay so the insanity of the weekend. Okay I posted the cast on Friday, the posting of the cast didn't go smoothly, between editing errors and breaking the feed for about 20 minutes well... I need to practice.

Went to my first day of training for this job at, I cant explain it but I hated the training. I arrived into a room with on other person. Naturally being me I tried talking to him, the conversation was laboriously difficult to maintain. The room filled up and I continued to try keep a relaxed atmosphere. All these Brits, 21 of them like clam shells. Not moving, talking or interacting in any way just hiding in their little shells.

They are so terrified of social rejection or failure they wait in their shells until the environment is confirmed safe and secure without edge. I swear it made me boil inside but I tried and pried trying and working to get them to open up. Of course they immediately think there is something "wrong" with me like I'm completely crazy.

Throwing the comics back on line, have a comic gen account now. I forgot how much I hated the absurdity of Auto keen. Its vile. Basically its a not the designers fault, the reason is they make a simple system that is flexible, easy to understand and restrictive. The end result no matter how good you are is painful. Hopefully I'll have money in the future to expand my hosting, then I could host the comics locally. *Sigh*.

Clobbing all the Channel of Power Documents into a local Wiki. 8 years of stuff. Its painful and long work.

  • Need to make the pop filters.
  • Do the pre run stuff for tuesdays recording.
  • Draw up another comic.
  • Complete the COP-Wiki v1.0
  • Get ready for 72 Dev Comp.
  • Finish Marble Madness.
  • Get uniform for new job.
  • Clean the flat.
  • Write Martins CD.
  • Return Books.

Go go Super Claire... or rather cry cry.