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Math Grind

Math Grind

Okay we have a plan no really we do. The following maths assignment needs to be done.

The aim of the assignment is to carry out an analysis of the motion of two cars moving downhill and develop a programme code and animation illustrating the motion of the cars possibilities for collisions.

The Cars A and B are travelling in the same direction along a straight road with a gradient of 10' with the horizontal.

The driver of the leading vehicle A executes an emergency stop in which the wheels lock immediately and the vehicle skids, without changing direction, to a stop. Immediately before the emergency stop the cars A and B are moving with uniform speed of 90km/h and 108 km/h correspondingly and the distance between them is d.

The driver of vehicle B reacts to the brake lights of vehicle A after a time of 1s and executes an emergency stop similar to that of A. The effective coefficients of friction for the cars A and B are respectively 0.8 and 0.5 the gravitational acceleration is g = 9.8 ms-2.

  1. Derive model equations
  2. Obtain expressions for distance travelled as function of time with parameter distance.
  3. Calculate minimum safe distance
  4. Investigate the following variations of elevation and distance
  5. Plot relevant graphs
  6. Design interactive animation, with relevant parameters.
  7. Write a 500 word essay analysing the case with references to data, graphics and animation in your own words.

All of this needs to be done by Monday Night! Not to mention there is a 48hr coding comp this weekend I have to miss :(

To the grindstone!