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Beware the Zombies!

Beware the Zombies!

I really wish I knew who to give credit to for this image, its great and serves to illustrate two points. Everyone should prepare for the Dawn of the Dead moment and humanity fears zombies because many of us are becoming Zombies.

I've fallen off the social map, I haven't been interacting or emailing or even going to Charnel, no podcast updates, no coding, why you ask. Simply put I'm an intense wage slave at the moment. I'm working a 51hr week. This is bad but necessary because I need funds for my studies. Most of my stress comes from not knowing if I'll have enough and as a result I spend no money and work lots.

Overtime is ending soon, in like a week or so but does this make me happy no! That means that the money issue will be tighter. Someone suggested taking a second job but as everyone who has done this know you spend an extra 10 hours every week about getting between jobs which you don't get paid for.

So anyway I'm working at a bank and while I force myself to enjoy the work and its not onerous it is extreme zombification in that its not a burger flipping job but a perfect Dilbert dive that doesn't involve any of my passions or skills. Its an Eboneaser Scrooge clerk position. Don't get me wrong its an okay job but anyone who knows me will at least... I don't like OK, content or all right. In fact I often will tear down the walls in places like this. What makes it bearable is that its paying for my studies.

Normally I would beat the head in of a friend who justified their life with an a hazy tomorrow but this is different. The reason is its a definite time table and its all achievable. No maybes. I just need to grit my teeth and get on with it.