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KISS Moving along

KISS Programming
KISS Moving along


  • Added Menu System
  • Added Time line
  • Time line Processing
  • Add movement Markers
  • Revamped Mouse Map and Sprites to avoid rebuilding map

Report Back

So its moving along slowly with the very small hours I can put in. Hopefully more hours soon. Okay I've put up a link to current version (see first post). Its a technical show just to let people see what's going on nothing really to play with. It does give a feel for how the game flows.

You can select actors by clicking on them or their portraits (top left). You can place them with a right click. The trick with that is the mouse map and the project/unproject. You can chose what the actor does with clicking on the bottom menu. Actions cannot be performed simultaneously. I will be looking at that later but for now its much simpler to assume one action at a time.


What else.... oh its wet very wet, floods and stuff. No really really wet and the sun is up from 0500 to 2300 I kid you not.

Went to Emma's birthday party on Thursday. It was fun I had rum. Not to mention lots and lots of munchies. Oh and the house tried to kill Roy. Which kinder endears me to it. No seriously he is moving in with Emma and Becky. He was pouring a drink in the kitchen when the plaster fell off the roof and landing where he was standing moments ago. It was funny. Especially as Emma had spent the entire day cleaning because her parents were due the next day, *shame* No only does she have to show the new house to them but the new girlfriend as well. Well my hugs and hopes were hoping that went well.

Otherwise I'm just crunching along earning as much money as possible to try pay my student fees and hopefully I can focus on my studies come September. Which I cant tell you how much I'm looking forward to.

Otherwise, really pissed with the banning of Manhunt 2. It looks like the UK really enjoys shooting its creative industry in the foot. Its unfair treatment, if you think of all the sick movies that come out. Oh well. It looks like they will revise Manhunt 2 much like they did the original Carmeggdeon.

Otherwise I'm keeping an ear up and trying to march along. The now show is back on, I've become addicted to a radio soap, Politics is really intresting at the moment and well the world seems full of hope.