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GenCon Primer

Too much squirrely goodness... must consume the Squirrel!

Okay So I'm back from Gencon just want to get the first load off my skull then I'll do a proper post later.

  • It was great, four days of roleplaying
  • Trip down was made fun with having allies
  • Arrived in one piece, mental note no matter how much space your big boots take wearing them to save space while running around with big bags is a bad idea.
  • Taxi Drivers are stupid
  • I did the right thing upgrading a little extra money on a better room is always a good idea
  • Domino no matter how good is always expensive and always share Pizza
  • You will always find neat stuff to spend money on
  • Blood Calls to Blood: Okay table but nothing special, good module
  • COC: Hihats, being a crazy physic is always a good thing... SCREAM!
  • Skipping breakfast gives you a 2 CON damage
  • Its not the end of the world if games are cancelled cause then you meet people while doing mundane volunteering
  • GMing munchkins on a dungeon crawl is justifiable homicide
  • While not all americans are a pain in the ass you want to bludgeon, most seem to be
  • COC: Dockside Dogs - yes you can play an annoying character but be prepared to be shot in the leg and head. Always pay the ferry man
  • Skipping breakfast is still a bad idea.
  • Having your module cancelled so you can play more COC is always good. Oh clowns may be freaky but they are just that way because of the alien experiments. Their nice people deep down, if their not already hollowed out.
  • A really bad module with munchkins can turn into a fun module once lighthearted players sit down on your table.
  • Even if its a dungeon crawl the players do appreciate some sauce. Just ignore the hack and slashers they wont be happy no matter what you do unless everyone dies and they survive by rolling high. Oh and their pathetic selves feel justified by "winning"
  • Sleep deprivation, not eating enough and free drinks
  • Star Wars Saga edition is great system, speaking of which marketing talk (IE 4th ed presentation) is the same pack of lies always. Listen for key phrases and whats NOT said.
  • Genning characters at the table will take time
  • You know its a good table when they almost all avoid combat
  • Travelling through London is a nightmare especially with tube strikes, don't fail your knowledge:local rolls.
  • Catching the last train is risky
  • Getting home and dying is good
  • Going to work now BAD!

Will say more later!