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Cooking Calamity

Frank: Pet Game Programming Academic
Cooking Calamity
Cooking Calamity

Use cases, defining more stuff.

Well I suggest following the link for loads of stuff but the biggest thing is cooking. I knew some simple things were core to the game

  • Time Based Interactions - Farming
  • Activities - Fishing, Fairy, Milling
  • Coins & Customisation
  • Mini-Games - Race, Egg Hunt, Hide & Seek

Now the one thing that I keep coming back to is the low-level of player interaction. I just need to keep reminding myself that the key element is Frank’s Autonomy. The player can encourage, scold, and highlight. Not to mention choosing how to spend coin and decorate. Ultimately their role is a passive one.

The scope is important as well as it needs to be within reason. The cooking scared me at first till I realised that I could easily just re-use images and use text to describe things. I have a few other ways in mind to drop workload. The final scope will be defined by Friday. I’m also hoping that I will have enough to fully write the xml data format, resources, and skeleton classes.