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Crazy Codey Coffee Cat Catching C

Ludum Dare 48 Programming
Crazy Codey Coffee Cat Catching C

Magical C++, oh the insanity I have signed up for a weekend of code. Ludum Dare 48 Hour comp. Basically you get given a brief and you have 48 hours to make a game that works. Basically you deprive yourself of sleep sanity and all sense in order to complete a block of code. I enjoy crunch time but I'm terrible with time management.

The reason I'm doing this is because time management is one of my biggest problems. Also because in theory it will get me a solid weekend of coding, to resharpen my skills. The other reason is that I will have a 'complete' project, I like a nice resume stuffer.

Other than that the only thing to report is I'll be moving to early shifts next month which will allow me to work more overtime and get away from work earlier when I need to code. Hug the insane bunny of addiction that's nibbling carrots under the table. Oh by the way project will be iced slightly while I use what's left of this week to get some libs and stuff together for this weekend.