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Rise and Shine Maggot

Ludum Dare 48 Programming
Rise and Shine Maggot

28 Hours in

With under twenty hours left on the clock I need to start rushing. To took 5 hours out, 4 for sleep and 1 for bath and to just freshen up. I need to be out of the door and into work 3/4 hours after deadline ends. So I'll probly have to stop before that to sleep and get ready.

All holder sprites are gone. Its all my work there no, "You can tell by the blood squirting out of your eye sockes".

Overall I'm feeling its all doable. I'm still pissed at having chosing sprites option, but thats a lesson learned


  • Swarming Done, would take more time than I have to correct glitches.
  • Control system Done, mouse works great
  • Added More Sprites, only a few more left.
  • Added Sound base so the worms follow sound depending on strength and age
  • Added player collision and walk flags


  • Add a load of cute little superficial things, low priotity
  • Add a HUD and menu (intro)
  • Add Water, Grendaes and Mines