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Art Birth of Frank Hobby Projects


Okay so some serious progress with texturing, cameras, materials and the like. The render times are getting silly though. I rendered an overnight job at full quality every 45th frame (not all included due to Tumblr limit). 

  • The big TV screen is going to have some pre-rendered animation on via animated texture
  • There are one or two intersecting wires which need cleaning up.
  • The Green Goo and bubbles I’m going to introduce some colour difference based on camera facing normal if I can. Maybe up their emission in lumen.

This is the longest continuous, and most complex shot. Other shots include.

  • Some initial close-up fly bys of machinery and screens, finally doing full reveal of machine in frame. Lots of small bitty shots which will need compositing.
  • The green lights change to red
  • After this long shot one quick look at some screens.
  • Some shots of the red lights switching back to green.
  • Walk up, stairs, camera using walking bob animation for first person feel. To reveal cute frank inside.
  • Meep Shot.

Sounds like loads but its mostly camera animation so no biggie there. The only thing that worries me are my render times are silly numbers. Which means I might need to postpone the final render to when I’m back at work and can leave my computer running a 30+ render.

Please comment below or tweet @EvilKimau for your thoughts if you have any.

Good to be making progress :)