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Hack our way through the Jungle

Frank: Pet Game Programming Xna
Hack our way through the Jungle
Output Log
Created World[Game World]
Building Basic Prop [Template]
Building Basic Prop [Building Template]
Building Container Prop [Container Template]
Building Inventory Prop [Inventory Template]
Building Ingediant Inventory Prop [Ingrediant Template]
Building Tool Inventory Prop [Tool Template]
Building Food Inventory Prop [Food Template]
Added Obj[Island] to World[Game World]
Added Obj[Hand] to World[Game World]
Added Obj[HandCam] to World[Game World]

It might not look like much but that little but of text output proves the hacked type system works. It’s horrible, sadly I’ve wasted a weekend trying to do things the “correct way” and failing.

If I have time I want to investigate alternatives

// Horrible HORRIBLE System!!!
// Possibly replace if time permits, or else gourge out my eyes in shame
// Game Gems 1: Magic of Data-Driven Design by Steve Rabin
// Game Gems 2: A Game Entity Factory by F D Laramee
// Reflection and C# System.Activator.CreateInstance(…)
// See:

Ah well it works and I have a meeting with my supervisor. Hopefully by tonight I will have that Tree & Oven in game.