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Still not happy with my progress

Frank: Pet Game Programming Academic
Still not happy with my progress

Hitting a massive break trying to get Model-View-Controller to work with Data Driven model.

I’ve found out some nice stuff about C# activator but it gets messy.

Ultimately I think I’m going to have to through a few engineering scruples out the window and hack it if I want to stay on track. Which is IMMENSELY frustrating. Going to sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning.

Data Driven Objects

I’ve come up against this problem in MANY projects and to be honest never found a solution I’ve liked. The problem is you don’t want to hand-code each unit and ability ect… you want it to be data driven but this is quite a task.

Some of my biggest personal projects have ultimately died/failed due to this issue. Including my South African final uni project, my big Descent clone and my X-Com style game, oh and that hacking game. I REALLY need to find a good solution to this.

Sadly I’ve never attacked this problem in a work environment. All the articles I’ve read on it are vague or focus on a tiny part of the problem. I think I might need to look at the game gems books, and do some more research. I hate how much time I’ve lost on this issue which I’ve seen so many times before.