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Story Board Notes

Art Birth of Frank Frank: Pet Game Hobby Projects
Story Board Notes

Soooo the university tasks list commences. I have a short amount of time to do a lot of overdue work :P

Story Board Notes
  1. Camera fly around
  2. Focus on Read outs
  3. Start Drainage
  4. Camera pull back for full view
  5. Drain tube and drop lid
  6. Heavy smoke emissions from the top of the tube. Smoke should drop.
  7. Wait for process to finish and smoke to clear
  8. Leaving a moment of confusion as nothing is there
  9. Camera fly in 
  10. Camera comes in closer
  11. Camera goes up and points down
  12. As camera comes closer Frank looks up
  13. Frank is sweet puppy eyes and cute
  14. Make “Meep” sound
  15. THE END